Monday, November 23, 2009

Co-op Birthday Party Fire Show

This past weekend was the 35th Birthday Party at the 21st Street Co-op, a busy day filled with food, fun, friends and fire! After dinner was the annual fire show, a performance put on by several members of the 21st Street Co-op, spinning, breathing and playing with fire in front of hundreds of people dancing and grooving to a large drum circle. Sometimes, I really miss not living at the co-op anymore, but it's great to have nights like this with a community that I will always call home. More photos on my Flickr.

21st Street Co-op Fire Show
21st Street Co-op Fire Show
21st Street Co-op Fire Show

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Candly Land Board Game

For the Halloween party we threw at the Pink Palace, I created a life-size Candy Land game that guests walked down in order to get into the party. The initial goal was to have guests draw cards and play the game in order to get into the party... it worked at times, it bottle-necked at times, all in all, it was a great addition to the awesome party we threw on Halloween! Check it out:

Candy Land Board Game
Candy Land Board Game
Candy Land Board Game

Friday, November 6, 2009

Claude and Danica's Halloween Wedding

My friends, Claude and Danica, who met a few years ago when we were all living at the 21st Street Co-op, got married last weekend on Halloween here in Austin at the Zilker Botanical Gardens. Something tells me that the Gardens had never seen the likes of a wedding like this ever before! Claude and Danica encouraged all their guests to come to the wedding in costume since the wedding fell on Halloween. It was a great night with over 100 co-opers past and present in attendance. As an old co-op saying goes, "Once a Mother Fucker, always a Mother Fucker!" Congrats again to the newly weds. As always, more photos can be seen on my Flickr.

Claude and Danica's Wedding
Claude and Danica's Wedding
Claude and Danica's Wedding
Claude and Danica's Wedding
Claude and Danica's Wedding

Monday, October 12, 2009

21st Street Co-op Chronicles Premiere

For several months, I have been finishing up a feature length documentary chronicling my time spent living at the 21st Street Co-op from 2003-2008. Ladies and gentlemen, I now present to you Co-op Chronicles! The premiere watches more like a "through-the-years" video yearbook more than an informative documentary, but it's gauranteed to be a great time. Come on out to the 21st Street Co-op this Friday night at 9pm to relive the glory and witness all the madness that I managed to catch on video. Check out the trailer for Co-op Chronicles here.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

UFL Season 5 Opener

This past weekend was the season 5 opener of the Unicyle Football League, featuring a matchup between the Hot Dogs and last season's championship runner-up, the Gnarwhals. It looks to be another great season of UFL action, featuring a new team, the Ill Eagles. Catch the games live in San Marcos every Sunday at 3:33 in the parking lot next to Tantra Coffeehouse. For more photos from the UFL, check out my Flickr set here.

UFL Season 5 Opener
Colonel Angus
Punt Attempt

Friday, September 25, 2009

Reed and Michelle's Wedding

Last Saturday, two good friends of mine since high school, Reed and Michelle, got married! It was a beautiful ceremony and an even better reception. I've been shooting weddings for years now and this was the first wedding I got to shoot with this group of friends, which for me, made it all the more memorable. It's not that often that I get to photograph my friends, so I spent the day and night shooting away and came away with some great stuff. I put together a photo slide show from some of the photos, edited to "Eyes" by Morris Orchids, more friends of mine who played during the reception. Next up, Sean and Amber!

Reed & Michelle's Wedding
Reed & Michelle's Wedding
Reed & Michelle's Wedding

Monday, September 21, 2009

DAC SOS - Blowing Trees "Stealing Us Away"

Back in July, I filmed the Digital Art Consortium's inaugural event, Sesnory Overload Sunday at the Mohawk in Austin, TX. My friends Blowing Trees were the headlining act, which featured live visual projections courtesy of my partner in crime Matt Daly. Without further ado, here's a video from the evening that I edited together from Matt's visuals and my live feed of the show:

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Unicycle Football League Photo Shoot

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of doing a calendar photo-shoot with the Unicycle Football League and their cheerleaders, the UniBrawdz. The UFL, created by my friend Marcus Garland, begins their 5th season on Sunday September 27th in San Marcos, TX with a match between seasoned veterans, the Hot Dogs and the Gnarwhals. An expansion team, the Ill Eagles, will join the UFL this season along side the defending champions, the Unicychos and last season's rookie team, the Berzerkers. Games are every Sunday in the parking lot next to Tantra Coffeehouse at 3:33pm in San Marcos. I highly recommend you check one out!

Unicycle Football League
The ILL Eagles
UniBrawdz Photo Shoot

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bringing In The Sheep

This past Saturday, I had some art in Lone Star Studios 2nd Saturday art show C'est Mon Dada including this centerpiece installation titled "Bringing In The Sheep." It was a big hit with everyone, from children to adults who remember playing with the toys that littered the installation. The one question that I got the most was "what is this supposed to mean?" I can't really give a definite answer since it all just sort of came together, but for me, it's a nostalgic look at childhood, with a twist of disturbia.

Bringing In The Sheep
Bringing In The Sheep
Bringing In The Sheep

Monday, September 14, 2009


Last year, I completed a photographic time lapse project of the construction and renovations of the north end zone at Darrel K Royal Memorial Stadium at the University of Texas in Austin. I began the project back in December 2006 and completed it in December 2008, with the help of my friend Jody Cross, who shot photos while I was on my bike ride to Alaska with Texas 4000. I've got two versions of the video up on Youtube and the first one I posted back in 2007 has hit 10,000 views. Combined with the final version, the project has now been seen over 15,000 times!

My goal at the beginning of the project was to pitch it to the UT football media department and try to get it screened on Godzillatron at a game. They liked the project but decided that it was something that they would not be screening. Their loss:

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

C'est Mon Dada

This weekend, I will have some of my art on display at Lone Star Studios 2nd Saturday gallery opening art show entitled "C'est Mon Dada." I've created a child-size diorama of sorts that is entitled Bringing In The Sheep... it's basically color meets creepy. Check back soon for photos of the project. I'll also have some other art work on display as well, so if you're in the area, stop by and check out the gallery in south San Antonio.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

August Critical Mass

It's been a few months since I've been on the streets with Austin's Critical Massers but yesterday marked my return to the road. As usual, there were some great photo moments on the ride. I bailed after the Mass went for a dip in Barton Springs but you can check out more photos from the ride here. Highlight of the ride was definitely Papa Wheely and his son out on the ride, probably the youngest person ever on an Austin Critical Mass ride.... kid's going to be poppng wheelies all over the place soon. Like father, like son.

Big Daddy

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Windy City

I didn't think it could get much better than Austin but last week I visited Chicago and fell in love with this amazing city. I initially went to take a look at the Art Institute of Chicago's graduate school program and ended up running around all over town with my sister. From Millennium Park to the Sears Tower observation deck, I had my camera in hand and came home with some great photos of this architectural and cultural wonder. As always, more photos from my trip can be seen here.

I Heart Chicago
The Ledge

Friday, August 14, 2009

Road Trippin' With My Two Favorite Allies

Tomorrow I will be leaving on a road trip for Chicago, en route to driving my sister back to school for her final year of college... man, I'm feeling old! Anyway, if anyone even reads this blog regularly other than my grandma, don't expect any updates until after I get back, at which point I'll have lots of new photos for your eyes. Hopefully this road trip will be nothing like this one:

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm on a Boat

Yesterday afternoon was the annual summer boat party thrown by the 21st Street Co-op. In the madness that was swimming, kegs, lots of nudity, kegs, random boat party hoppers, dance parties and more kegs, I didn't have my camera out much but had a blast! If you've never partied on a barge before, I highly recommend checking out Beach Front Boat Rentals. These guys will take care of you and sit back while you party hard on Lake Travis!

I'm On A Boat
Canon Ball
This is a video I made from the 2007 summer boat party:

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Therapeutist

The Therapeutist is a coffee-table-type-book that I have been slowly putting together. Created with just paper, scissors, and glue, this work in progress is a tribute to both my childhood days when collaging was a past-time favorite of mine and to one of my favorite surrealist artists Rene Magritte. It's been a rainy day project as of late, but one that I hope to take off the back burner and continue adding to. To see more collages click here...

The Therapeutist 01
The Therapeutist 13

Monday, August 3, 2009

Bat City Bombshells Photo Shoot

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of doing another photo shoot with the Bat City Bombshells, a burlesque troupe here in Austin, TX. They have been performing for almost a year now and are just getting hotter and hotter! Check out more of the photos from the shoot here.

Bat City Bombshells Photo Shoot
Bat City Bombshells Photo Shoot
Bat City Bombshells Photo Shoot

Monday, July 27, 2009

Digital Arts Consortium: Sensory Overload Sunday

Last night, the Digital Arts Consortium hosted their inaugural multi-media collaborative event, Sensory Overload Sunday at Mohawk in downtown Austin, TX. In conjunction with live music performances headlined by Blowing Trees, several local artists had their hand in putting together a visual experience rigged like no other! My pal and partner in crime, Matt Daly, provided live visuals during the Blowing Trees set which were projected on multiple screens throughout the venue. Yours truly was there to film it all so check back soon for some visually stunning moving pictures. In the mean time here's a couple stills:

Sensory Overload Sunday: Digital Art Consortium 2009

Friday, July 24, 2009

Bye Bye Bedroom

Sadly, I am moving out of my awesome house in a week, so before I started taking everything down off the walls and shelves and started packing up all my stuff, I decided to take some photos of my room and put together this little short to remember it by. Central Cooling Station #9, you have done me well. Now it's onto new adventures at the Pink Palace, voted the Best House in West Campus in 2007 by the Austin Chronicle! Lucky me...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Take Me With You" Music Video

I just finished a stop-motion music video for Victoria Noll and her song "Take Me With You" which was shot at over 100 locations in Austin, TX. I have lived in Austin for over 6 years now and it has become my home, so I wanted to shoot a video that showcased both my beloved city and an upcoming singer-songwriter.

The multi-colored guitar and chairs were created by me for the video, which is meant to take viewers on a journey through the city. The theme and concept fit well with the song as well so I hope you enjoy the video and Keep Austin Weird! Many thanks go out to Victoria, the city of Austin and the colors blue, green, red, white, orange, and yellow!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Teresa Champion Dance Academy Recital

One month ago, I was hired to film the Teresa Champion Dance Academy's summer recital, from which I shot, edited and produced DVDs to sell to parents of the performance. Getting the DVDs burned turned out to be quite problematic as both my computer and DVD burner seem to be on their deathbed. Luckily I was able to produce a master copy of the performance and get duplicates made at Access Video & Photo. They were a life saver and I highly recommend their services if you ever need photo or video assistance. I put together a short compliation from the recital which you can view below. Overture, curtain lights, OLE!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend Wedding & the 2-1-Oh!

This weekend, I went down to San Antonio to visit family that was vacationing from LA, to shoot photos for a family friend that was celebrating her 50th anniversary in the convent and to shoot a wedding for Mike and Jennifer Oropeza. It's always great going back to San Antonio, not only to visit friends that I don't get to see that often, but for the free food and fun at home! From touring the San Antonio Missions to Lone Star Studios 2nd Saturday, I had my camera in one hand and a drink in the other! Posted below are a few photos from the weekend and as always, more can be seen on Flickr... Coming soon: Victoria Noll music video (finally!)

Mike & Jennifer's Wedding
Mike & Jennifer's Wedding
2nd Saturday Lone Star Studios
Sr. Odilia's 50th Jubilee
Mission San Jose

Friday, July 3, 2009

Morris Orchids: In Bloom

Some really great friends of mine since high school play in a band called Morris Orchids. They are not amazing just because they are my friends... they are amazing because they know how to create great music. They have been playing together since 2005 and have added new members and sounds over the years. They just finished up a 6 track EP that is now available to download online via Band Camp. I highly recommend you check them out.

I'll be starting work on a music video for one of the new tracks in the near future but in the mean time, check out this video I dug up from their very first show on November 19, 2005 at Cafe Revolucion in San Antonio and a few other videos I've shot for them. They sure have come a long way...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

New York Cares

It's been a while since I felt like a tourist, but for the last 10 days, I was in New York City being just that. Some good friends of mine live in Williamsburg, and with another friend in town, we spent the days in a daze, traveling all over the city from hot spot to not-so-hot spots. From the top of 30 Rock to Rockaway Beach, I came home with over 1,400 photos and absolutely no time to go through them all right now. I did however meet some amazing people, had a great time, and am missing the non-100 degree weather back here in Austin. Biggest Asshole Award goes to a douchebag bartender at Lit Lounge who gave me shit for paying with 4 quarters after I had already spent $40 in drinks and tips. I must have missed the phasing-out of their monetary value? UPDATE: Finally uploaded photos which you can view here.

30 Rock Observation Deck
World Trade Center Ground Zero
No Comment
Roof Top
As Yet Untitled