Monday, April 27, 2009


The end of the beginning is near.... please do not try to adjust your monitor. Ladies and gentlemen, we ask that you make sure you are buckled in, your trays are locked, and your seats are in the upright position. The captain estimates your departure time to be T-minus 6 seconds. Sit back & relax. An attendant will be by shortly with drinks and snacks free of charge. If you have reached this blog in error, welcome to Magic Spoon Productions.

I recently tried applying for a couple of photo and video related jobs and discovered that I was apparently "not qualified" for the positions since until now, my only online portfolios of work fell under the affordable
Flickr and YouTube classifications.... I guess I was just an amateur then? Having earned my degrees from the University of Texas in Photojournalism as well as Radio-Television-Film, it was time to professionalize myself a bit so I went out and did what every other clown can do: I made a website. Time to bring the cows home!

At the beginning of May, I will be launching my new website ( which will give potential employers and folks the "illusion" that I am now a professional, because let's all admit, I obviously have no clue what I am doing in this world or why I was put here... ART IS YES! I love it, I make it, I eat it on occasions. I enjoy sharing it with others and without the Internet, none of this could be possible, so let's give it up for ARPANET, the Defense Department, and 1969!

This new blog (also my first) somewhat coincides with my professional coming-out, but I assume will become just another blog lost at sea, so feel free to stop in every now and then to make sure we're surviving after the fiery crash. I will be building and working on a lot of cool projects in the months to come and intend to use this blog to keep family and friends updated since everyone always seems to ask me "what have you been up to lately?" Look at me now... just a click away

We hope you have a wonderful trip and thank you for flying with Magic Spoon Productions.


  1. interesting text... I would read it all. but the writing is kinda annoying... cheers :D

  2. okay that was weird, ignore my last comment, when the page refreshed, it was normal..... i thought you wrote every other letter in symbols just for fun... didnt realize it was a computer glitch.