Friday, May 1, 2009


What's in a name? To be GARY or not to be GARY... that is the question.

My fascination with GARY goes back to 2003 and started as an inside joke with some friends of mine as we stood in line for a UT basketball game. Soon after, spotting a GARY out in the real world took on a whole new meaning and the name to this day rings hilarity, irony and comedic genius in my mind. To me, GARY is more than just a name you give your kid or pet snail, it's a state of being that runs the spectrum from mystery to predictability.

Last year, I began a Flickr group called GARY! The purpose of the group was to collect as many photos as I could with the word "Gary" spelled out somewhere in the photo. Submissions range from business establishments, signs, posters, labels etc. I posted a few of my favorite GARY photos so far but feel free to check out the group pool for over 400 more. If you're a Flicker user, join the group and keep your eyes out for GARY! Remember, if it's GARY, it's game!

GARY - EXPLORE Oct 16th 2008 #247 Gary
Joanne + Gary

Stop Gary!

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