Monday, September 14, 2009


Last year, I completed a photographic time lapse project of the construction and renovations of the north end zone at Darrel K Royal Memorial Stadium at the University of Texas in Austin. I began the project back in December 2006 and completed it in December 2008, with the help of my friend Jody Cross, who shot photos while I was on my bike ride to Alaska with Texas 4000. I've got two versions of the video up on Youtube and the first one I posted back in 2007 has hit 10,000 views. Combined with the final version, the project has now been seen over 15,000 times!

My goal at the beginning of the project was to pitch it to the UT football media department and try to get it screened on Godzillatron at a game. They liked the project but decided that it was something that they would not be screening. Their loss:

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