Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Chris Maddin & Chuck Kerr present Radiohead's "Kid A" Live Album Cover

Friends of mine in San Antonio have taken to covering entire albums monthly and have definitely set the bar with their latest album cover of Radiohead's Kid A. What began as a weekly cover night at the Broadway 5050, Chris Maddin and Chuck Kerr have enlisted the talent of some of San Antonio's finest musicians for their cover album projects, covering the likes of Arcade Fire, David Bowie, Wilco and The Flaming Lips in the past.

The Radiohead Kid A cover band consists of Chris Maddin (Blowing Trees), Chuck Kerr (We Leave At Midnight, Bad Breaks), Leonard Rader (Morris Orchids), Jaime Rader (Morris Orchids), Chris Guerra (Morris Orchids, We Leave At Midnight), and Matt Thomas (Morris Orchids, Bad Breaks). Special thanks to Frank Bernal for recording sound and to Stephen Castro of Miranda Studios and Nico Galindo for providing their footage to make this video possible. Everything is in it's right place :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

MedMob Austin: OM the DOME

This is a video I put together from MedMob's OM the DOME event held in the Austin state capitol building on August 28, 2011. Over 300 people joined in unison for a one hour silent meditation followed by a sound-bath of OMs that resonated throughout the capitol dome... truly a spiritual experience! Special thanks to Jefe Greenheart of Greenheart Creative for additional footage.

MedMob started in Austin, TX in January 2011 and is now coordinated with 120+ cities worldwide. The intention of the movement is to organize meditations open to all walks of life, all over the world, expanding peace on the planet by exposing the world to meditation, & accelerating our personal and planetary evolution. Visit their website for more info on future events.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2011 Texas 4000 For Cancer Team Videos

This summer I had the honor of putting together the 2011 Texas 4000 for Cancer summer videos for their Homecoming Bash and Tribute Gala fundraiser upon the team's return from Alaska after their 70 day journey. As an alumni rider (I rode in 2008), it was so much fun to work on this project and again an honor to be able to provide the organization with my professional services!

Check out the following videos to get an idea of the countless hours of work that went into the making of these videos, and please visit their website to donate to the cause or learn more about Texas 4000 and how to get involved in the fight.