Tuesday, August 28, 2012

2012 Texas 4000 for Cancer Team Videos

Another year has come and gone, marking the 9th time a group of amazing and determined students have successfully completed a 70 day bike ride from Austin, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska with Texas 4000 for Cancer. I rode in 2008 with the Sierra team and have been honored over the last few years to put together video content for the teams. This past weekend was their Tribute Dinner, which is a fundraiser for the organization and welcoming home celebration for the 2012 team. Congrats to all the riders and may you continue your role as cancer fighters for years to come! Check out the videos from this year below: 2012 Texas 4000 Team Photo @ the Alaska Border Sign This is the 10 minute feature video that was shown at the Tribute Dinner. It shares the story of the 2012 team and features footage from their summer ride. I edited this video along with the following... This video is their 70 day summer recap video. The team chose "Every Tear Is A Waterfall" by Coldplay in honor of their teammate Ruel Bobet, who passed away from stomach cancer a few months before they left in June of 2012. Lastly, in 2013 Texas 4000 will be expanding to 3 routes. The new route will be known as the Ozark Route and will travel north through the heartlands of the US. For more info about the new route, check out the following video:

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

MedMob Austin: OM the DOME

This past weekend, 300 plus beautiful people attended OM the DOME, a meditation flash mob event hosted by MedMob Austin. This was the third time they have done this and it was by far the largest crowd to date. I was there doing my video thing so I didn't get too many photos but here's one of the few I managed to snap. Video coming soon!

August 2012 OM the DOME: MedMob Austin, Texas Meditation Flash Mob