Tuesday, August 27, 2013

2013 Texas 4000 for Cancer Team Videos

The following videos are from the 2013 Texas 4000 for Cancer team's 70 day summer journey, cycling 70 days and 4,000+ miles from Austin, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska. For three years now I have been filming and producing their video content for their Tribute Gala and this year's videos are the best in my opinion. Check out their feature film and summer recap videos below!

Freshman Support Promo Video

Simplify and Enhance Your College Experience with Freshman Support. There, you can find info on specific universities, including rankings and student life. You can find housing information with a powerful comparison tool to help you pick the right dorm or apartment. We have a great roommate matching platform and personalized budget planner. You can even find things to do around town clear instructions on how to get tickets to every big game!

Brandon Chicotsky: Cracking The Code

This is a short video I made for friend Brandon Chicotsky, a PhD student researching How To Build Fame. From his words... Inspired by previous research on viral media and "The Power of Crowds," I've immersed myself in academic archives of socio-anthropological studies on fame. While most crowd behavioral studies, network-development studies and leadership studies are useful, none of them address the most valuable question for the market: HOW TO BUILD FAME? How one builds fame can be scientifically deduced from research and analysis. Few have embarked on a mission of creating a methodology for building fame. Even fewer have sought to publish and share findings with the world. Your support enables me to complete and publish the first phase of research: analyzing archived content, academic publishings and peer reviewed journals on the topic of fame.