Friday, November 1, 2013

Jesca Hoop Recording Teaser

Jesca Hoop is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist from Northern California. She stopped in Austin in between current tour dates to record with some of Austin's finest musicians and producers and I was brought in to record the session. Here are videos for the two tracks we shot for her songs Tulip and Feast of the Heart off her upcoming album UNDRESS, as well as the preview teaser that was released last year.

Diana Ray Wedding Trailer

Back in October, I had the honor of documenting the big day for Diana and Ray. Starting with a traditional tea ceremony and ending with a karaoke dance party, it was a wonderful weekend in Dallas, TX with the newlyweds. Check out the trailer for a sneak peak.

Bald Logo and Revivogen

The latest chapter in Bald Logo involves hair growth! Revivogen offers dermatologist approved, natural hair growth products that work! Bald Logo remains a champion of all things bald, but they now also advocate for the choice to fight back against hair loss. You can still stand up, shave down and be proud. Check out the video testimonial I produced for Bald Logo and Revivogen, I even make a cameo!